Herb 'n' potion prices

Korinal the Feyto Everyone

Allanon has made me realise that perhaps I sell herbs far too cheaply. A single health potion, as so rightfully stated, can restore up to 500 health. In the time it takes for me to pick one herb, it can be prepared to offer 54 doses of potion revival. It takes me 54 times as long to generate a comparable amount of healing herbs. Perhaps I should see what prices potions are and charge 54 times their cost as it takes me 54 times more effort to get the herbs (afterall, I have to find them, pick them and prepare them).

I am sure you can see that the above is not really practical or fair. I feel that the loremaster items are already priced, if anything, a little too highly. I try to keep my herb prices down, but if the loremasters profession decide to fleece the general population, I will probably be reviewing my own pricing. I will also be asking the other herb picking professions to do likewise.