The Price Of Alchemical Wares

Allanon of the Artisansto Everyone

Before discussing this with my guildmembers and brother/sister Loremasters in general I thought I would seek Public Opinion.

The availability of herbs is increasing all the time this is a good thing. Even the prices of herbs seem to be dropping generally good again however it leads me to examine pricing particularly for Potions and Magicak Items. n

Lestagii cost from between 25gp - 50gp and cures 500 health & mana.

A Health or Mana Potion I would make cures 500 per sip and has 54 sips and a refill would currently cost about 350 gold which equates to about 6.5gp per sip.

An item with 250 charge is often available at 2 or 3 gp per charge! a pathetic amount for a spell like Traversal.

As the divinities have seen fit to make available in the world more treasure items that can be sold for gold perhaps it is time pricing for certain Loremaster produce is put on a more realistic footing.

However I ask for comments. Anyone wishing to explain why prices should not increase is welcome to contact me personally to do so.