Mopa of Parriusto Everyone

I can't believe the whining I am hearing about the robbery of Taz's shop. Who would be so niave as to leave a fully stocked shop unmonitored and unprotected in a city of pirates (ie parrius)? If the rest of the world expects parrius to forget it's heritage then I ask for all cities to do the same and we'll all get together in the forests with anamists and the rangers and sing kum-by-ah around a blazing bonfire.

And speaking of pirates, I am sadden that we will be loosing mercy. By taking money from the parrian treasury (being a true pirate I don't waste time asking where the money came from in the first place) she has shown that she is the greatest pirate parrius has ever produced. Good bye my dear Mercy! I and everyone else will miss you and the example you have set. Maybe someday we will be able to live up to it.

Mopa of Parrius