Princess Mercy, Teller of Fine Fortunesto Everyone

I have already spoken privately to a few people, but now it is time to make this announcement more public. I plan to leave Parrius soon, as soon as my committment to Maedhros is fulfilled. I am posting this early because I no longer wish to be associated with certain actions taken by the government of Parrius. When Taz left the city, he gave the city a large cash gift in goodwill, and kept his ownership of his tavern and shop, having put Bahkuu in place to manage it. Last Sunday, certain of our city Barons allowed that shop to be robbed and stripped of its runes. A silly thing to do to a shop that donated a percentage of it's income to Parrius anyway, and after Taz had left Parrius on such good terms. I am disgusted by this action. The Parrius I knew as Princess honoured its agreements and dealt strongly, but honestly with everyone. It's a sad day when a city stoops this low.

Since I have promised Maedhros I would stay for a little longer I will do that, and consider it my duty to maintain Parrian defence for as long as I am here. But I am no longer involved in the day-to-day operations of this city, and will be leaving as soon as I am able. I never thought I would live to see the day I could be so disgusted by the city that has been everything to me. Mercy - acting Princess of Parrius