Little Wyldflower of the Whisperwoodto Everyone

I come here at Saxe's request, in hopes of making peace. He begged me to ask all of you, who have been punishing him because he oft calls me, a young animist a \"whore\" and \"dog,\" to leave him alone.

Tho yet this eve, after I had been away a fortnight, Saxe still accosted me and publicly called me \"bitch\" and \"whore\" and other not so nice names, I will accede to his request, and ask you, as he wishes, not to hurt him any more.

I feel that Saxe is truly hurt by being repeatedly slayed and chastised, and if the Cardinal of Thakria is so kind and repentant, how could a simple animist not accept his offer of peace?

To you, Sir Saxe, I say, I will return in kind all your gestures of affection.

I am so happy we had our lovely talk :)