The Rather Magnificent... Saxe

Culinane of Caer Darrowto Everyone

Some of you may not have had the opportunity to meet a wonderful young man by the name of Saxe. Instead of letting him continue to walk the land of Avalon in relative anonymity, I wanted to share with all of you the warmth and joy that Saxe brings everywhere he goes.

This morning I had the great fortune to meet Saxe in person! Being a relative novice to the land, I made the error of venturing forth on an empty stomach. Unfortunately just after I finished winding the watch to expose the diamond, I passed out due to hunger. Thankfully, Saxe showed up! Now, a lot of people might have tried to give me food, or one of those nasty beige potions, but not our man Saxe. Instead he laughed merrily and wandered away with the diamond in hand. Some of you might be tempted to call him a thief, but I would suggest you don't. None of the thieves I know would want to be associated with Saxe.

Apparently, not content with the diamond, Saxe wandered by a few minutes later to find me passed out again, a little further along the way. The courageous Saxe, disregarding his own personal safety and without a tremor of fear in his heart, valiantly slew me, an unconscious novice who had fifty health! Don't worry... he only had to hit me three times to do the job. Saxe, your Momma would be so proud.

And if you think Saxe is just good fun with the fellas, well think again. Saxe also has a special way with the ladies. Recently he has, in a demonstration of both virility and compassion, taken to spitting (nothing so exciting as poison, just old fashioned saliva) in Little Wyldflower's face. What a joyous reminder of infantile behaviour looked down upon by most 6 year olds. Saxe however is sure to distiguish himself from the average kindergarten child. Saxe accompanies his spit wads with big words that he probably learned while reading his Daddy's magazines in the garage. Saxe shouts \"You Dog! \" and \"Whore! \" and \"Bitch! \" Where do this young man's creative talents end?

So kudos to Saxe. For his honesty. For his bravery. For the puerile cretinous drivel that appears when his fingers touch the keyboard.

Culinane, who looks forward to the day he is big enough to crush Saxe like a roach +e