Nostradamus, god of darknessto Everyone

I have a simple statement to make regarding the recent 'transfer of wealth' between Mercinae and Thakria, and I do not intend to be drawn into further debate, as my position on this is very clear-cut:

It is not my own fault, nor the fault of Thakria, if the hypocracy and ineffectiveness of Mercinae causes its own citizens so much disgust that they choose by their own free will to defect and strike out at that which has caused them to waste so much of their lives in mediochrity.

Of course, this cuts both ways, but I note with little surprise that the history books have many many more instances of such defects TO Thakria, and very few FROM. Perhaps there is a sobering lesson to be learnt here.


PS: If certain citizens of Springtown continue the way they are, they risk being drawn into something that is none of their business, and may end up being costly for them. This is my last warning on the matter.