Allanon of the Artisansto Everyone

Why someone would take the most cowardly act of stealing a cities money and commodoties I cannot fathom.

How you can be so hypocritical to post BB11110 and then betray you City and Personal Patron well it maybe says a lot about the type of scum you are.

Rest assured Apollo will act, in the meantime his order will act in his stead.

To Thakria, I am sure you received the ill gotten gains with open arms you seem to get these unexpected windfalls whenever you look like going down the pan.

Now I could say that if you are doing so Ok on your own you will return that which has been stolen, but somehow I dont think that will happen.

To all cities again the question is raised about comms access/treasury access Ioiad was no newbie or apparent double agent - perhaps the time is right to look at a protection system whereby large tranactions need 2 authorisations to perform them.+

Anyhows Mercinae through its greatest asset will prevail - this asset, comms, money of course not it is Mercinaes Citizens.