You are, of course, wrong Moradin. Snowlock led Thakria to greatness as the only city to ever successfully take over another. Shaitan then rebuilt Thakria into such a paramount to evil that all Avalon hid from its might. I might point out that Thakria was also became three times richer than all the other cities put together, mostly due to the bungling of the Parrian government, led by you (before you changed your name from Anikan to Moradin).

Although I have no affiliation with Thakria, and I don't see any mortals that are ready for ordination anywhere right now, I consider it 100x more likely that a likely candidate will arise in Thakria before Springtown. Let's keep in mind that no god has ever come from either Springtown or Parrius and that the last four Ordinations have been won by Thakrians. At the end of the day, Moradin, Springtown is the last city in Avalon that a great leader would ever emerge from.