Moradin, Ranger of the Golden Sunto Everyone

I have come back from travels in far off jungles to troubled times. Everyone knows Parrius and Springdale have been butting heads for the last few months. Upon my return I'm hearing rumours of invasion plans against my city by Parrius and its allies. Yesterday I was branded an enemy of Parrius. I attacked Gandalf in my coucil chambers as he attemped to slay my friend Boon in Springdale's council chambers. I have many friends in Parrius and protect its citizens from sorcererous and Thakrian attack at every turn. When Thakria and Mercinae marched on Parrius, who hunted the enemy generals? I feel I have done nothing to deserve this enemy status, having been a friend to Parrius for all 60+ of my avalon years. I ask the citizens of Parrius who know me or I have rendered assistance to in the past to ask you government to remove my enemy status.

I am also interested to hear if these rumours of invasion have any merit?