Haplo, the Warriors and Springdale

Princess Mercy, Teller of Fine Fortunesto Everyone

I have refrained from posting on this subject so far because of my high regard for Guido, but I cannot listen to any more of this nonsense. Haplo forgets that I am an Astrologer, that I see and hear everything. He is telling the warriors that he, the Mighty Haplo, will train them to be fighters. Of course the requirement for this is that they leave Parrius and the Warrior's guild. I am sorry to see so many young warriors sell themselves so cheaply. If this were Lancelot's claim it might have more merit, but I find the entire idea laughable. As for Haplo's talk of Parrius being washed up and the barony having problems, that is certainly the pot calling the kettle black. Just recently, within a week's time, I had 4 different people from Springtown all trying to negotiate treaties with me, claiming to be THE decision maker in that village. I have tried in good faith to maintain good relations with this swampy little village, but I've had enough. No more recruiting in Parrius. no more deals. no more talks. We are

one talking to Springtown.

Princess Mercy of Parrius