Space Ranger Lilandrinto Everyone


So, okay, I myself was rather late. I had to take my boyfriend to the hospital because he broke his arm playing rugby. But when I finally log on, I find only Roy and Hudson here! Where are all the other Ranger?? I look at our MEM and see 43. Must be more out there somewhere! I hope you guys havent abadoned us three!

Anyways, thing we were going to talk about at the meeting:

1. Our numbers have increased by double in a month. This means a lot high ratio of young rangers to old ones. I am hoping that the old rangers are helping all the youn ones in ANY way they can!!!

2. Hudson mentioned to me concerns about the rate at which we are growing, and that prehaps we should have requirments for entry. He was thinking a minimum exp amount. Or prehaps the prespective candidate should preform a simple quest, like find someplace for the inguilder. Old rangers who can inguild, keep it fairly simple. Also try to keep up with the development of those you've inguilded especially, but dont ignore the others!

4. Okay, Im a serious emeny to Thakria, I hate all Thaks, I kill any Thak that wanders out of their scum holes any chance I get, you all know this. So this next bit is going to sound strange. Traditionally, the Rangers have protected Mercinae and been from this city. However, more and more of us are coming from Parrius and Springdale. I was thinking that we could try, on a TRIAL basis, to inguild some Thakrians, to truly make this a multi city guild.