Food again

Karamis, of the grass-stained feetto Hyde

I know that food is supplied by cities, Hyde. If I had seen that is was merely a problem of the governments being lazy, I would not be concerned. What I do see, however, are hard-working, dedicated barons and aides in all the cities trying to provid e for their citizens. Given that Avalon has a limited supply of commodities need to create edible food, any one city that hoards certain commodities directly influences the rest of Avalon.

You attitude saddens me more than disgusts me, Hyde. A \"little epidemic of Plague\" can quickly turn into a continent-wide problem for the populace. Have you ever had the last stage of Plague? It is frightening and extremely difficult to cure without the aide of the Deities.

I hope that you are never in a position to need the \"bailing out\" of people other than your friends.

I appreciate the offers to Avalon from the Rangers and the Wizards. As I mentioned in a previous BB, the curing of the current strain of Plague is random and sometimes seemingly impossible. Any additional assistance is helpful!