Statement Of Fact

Loremaster Davrosto Everyone

I would like to point out an error in the last message. Kobyashi is wrong to refer to the Thebes econmoy as weak at the time Palin, a Baron of Mycenae, removed their gold. It is true to say that the Thebes economy was stagnant at the time, however, unbeknown to Kobyashi the amount of gold in that economy was always in excess of the amount held by Mycenae. After Palin took the gold, it is true that it was deposited in the Thebes bank. Kobyashi asked for its return, the only Mycenean who did so. However, what would the citizens of Thebes said if we barons returned 130,000 (and of such a large sum there seemed no trace) to Mycenae and the next day Palin withdrew that amount from his account? I think they would (rightly) say that we had acted in a foolhardy fashion with their taxes. So, what were we to do? If we had truly decided to turn the screw on Mycenae (as Kobyashi accuses) we had every opportunity to do so while her citizens starved in the streets. But instead, Corum, Skedric and I took 20,000 gold eac

from Thebes treasury and deposited it in accounts in Mycenae's bank. It is true that a crash at that time wiped clear the deposit Skedric made. I personnaly journeyed with him a second time to re-make the deposit. If the money (all 60,000 of it) did disappear in that crash, then it most certainly did not return to Thebes. A further 25,000 gold has since been returned to Palin to finance his efforts in Ladakh. Davros, putting the record straight.