Karamis, of the grass-stained feetto Everyone

I am concerned with the availability of food to the general populace in Avalon. Having recently cured and attempted to cure many cases of the plague, it saddens me to see food stuffs hoarded. I generally warn people away from using a sustenance potion to satisfy their hunger, but it seems that there are few alternatives to some people. Swooning constantly from lack of food not being one of the options deemed satisfactory.

I have made a conscious decision not to involve myself in politicking and business in Avalon, however in a circumstance where lives and suffering are at stake, I feel I must speak out. Can the barons of the main cities of Springdale, Parrius, Thakria, and Mercinae not get together for the overall living standards in Avalon? I hope so. The curing of the Plague through Madabril brewing is random and less and less effective. Please work together in this basic need that we all share.