Re: Troubled times.

Polgarato Moradin, Ranger of the Golden Sun


I think I must remind you of our last two talks; you seem to have forgotten (BB 10955). In the first Haplo, Rithos and yourself asked me to put an end to the hostilitiesbetween our two cities. You said that you had been trying to talk to my Princess for 20 days to no avail. I assured you I would do my best.

This I did, and I sought out the barons of Springtown, only to be told that I had to wait until the matter was discussed amongst all the barons. (I can't help but wonder what you have been doing while waiting those twenty days for Mercy).

The reason our troops are fighting, sir, is that you could not keep your word to me. You have promised that no hostilities would be started by yourself yet you have just killed Parrian troops in Parrian lands.

Yours in clarification,


PS When Springdale is ready to talk, please look me up.