Find out what 'unilateral' means

Mr. Lemandreeto Macros, Prince of Darkness

Sigh. The invitation is to TRY it, to see how it goes. AFTER it has failed, first time around, we look - and see what needs to be done to make the second attempt better. Yes, I am assumming that some gods will be quite happy to attempt direct divine intervention to make it fail. IF/WHEN that happens, the obvious mortal recourse is to ask other gods to use their powers to counterbalance. Whether or not they choose to do so, is, of course, up to them. Contrary to what the evil posters are trying to imply, my planning ahead makes no assumptions about divine behaviour ( or lack thereof ). All I'm saying, at this stage, is that it might be a reasabl- oops reasonable move to try and find out what the various responses ( includeing the divine ) to this initiateve might be.