Killing and stealing

Aide Grundy, Alchemist of Aldaronto Everyone

Not only is it not fair for people to be able to kill and steal stuff from you, but I don't think it is fair that we shuld lose experience when we are killed. Just like those herb gatherers, I have spent alot of time accumulating and working on getting experience, and then for some orc to come by and take it all away sucks. In fact, I don't think more powerful players should pick on younger players and kill them. I think that should be outlawed too. While I am on it, armour shouldn't lose strength, potions shouldn't run out, charges in magic items shouldn't be expended.

Ok--enough of that foolishness, I think I have made my point. I in no way condone killing or stealing, and really hate having it done to me. But I think at this point everyone from the heavens to the underworld knows that the people who like the new sorc ability are in the minority. So until a god says, \"You know, you guys are right\" I think we need to deal with the fact that this power exists just like we deal with the fact that if we don't find food in this commodity strapped times, we will die. Thankfully no one is complaining that the villages aren't pumping out enough for their tastes.

Perhaps you should take this matter of unfair sorc powers up directly with a god. I bet it won't take too long to get a reaction from one of them. Just remember that smoking is bad for your health, especially if it is your corpse that is doing it.

Hoping that the bb become cleared of this discussion. Grundy