Necromancy rape

Allanonto Everyone

It is good to see this skills has a high price to pay for the sorcerer who uses it, howver I would make a few points:

1. It totally overides 2 of the most commonly used runes - snow and oval thus in terms of defense by a sorcerer making them useles.

Carrying items is difficult, even on my high health I am often becoming overloaded a \"smaller\" player can carry much less.

It is ironic that the profession who uses taken the form of a ghhost to escape is the Sorcerer, admittedly Knights now have an attack against that.

Time will tell if this attack is too strong but I agree with some of the previous posts, perhaps grey potions etc have made many too complacent in finding that \"dying\" is relatively acceptable, personally I do everything I can never to get in that state and would suggest for the immediate future everyone else does the same.