Thakria and I

Mercy, not to be offensive but I have never heard a more bipolar argument. For some reason you have based a complete verdict on me based on one conversation we have had and probably what other people have told you.

I can think of maybe 4 people in Avalon who know why I came to Thakria, mainly because no one has asked. Please don't make judgements on me simply because I am on, in your mind, the 'opposite side'. Like I say, this is a argument based on your amalgamation of all Thakrians to be the same person. I still am a disciple of life, and a follower of time. I am an aide to Thakria because they need herbs, just like the other three cities do.

Just because I may stray from the 'norm' in what I choose to do with my time, is no reason for you to try to alienate me. You and I both have better things to do with our time.

Druid Jordan