Your BB text is a little hard on the eyes - a few blank lines makes things much easier to read.

It is alas true that your requests to me for Wurtfoil have gone unanswered. This was most rude and I would like to appologise. I have not been on-line very much of late and our paths have not crossed very often.

Wurtfoil itself is rather rare, and our efforts at gardening have been discouraged by other folk picking it out. It therefore is usually evoked when needed - provided essence is available.

The new skills we have been given make brewing much easier, I suspect this increases your chance of benifiting from wurtfoil being brewed.

Many folk msg me with requests for wurtfoil - perhaps becasue I am one of the better known members of the guild. It is most unusual for me not to find several requests waiting when I log on.