Your Recent Policies

In all my many years in Avalon I have never harmed an Animist, if fact I have gone out of my way to help wherever possible, be that to offer my life in the hope of saving one of your members or simply offering to share my knowledge of the many quests available to your younger members. In all the time that you have been enforcing the wurtfoil policy I have received that herb only twice, and received no other aid of any kind from one of your members. I have been suffering from skills loss for longer than any of your members. Now I find that, because of the actions of others, not only are you turning your back on me, but that you will be seeking to hinder me in my progress in the land. I will NOT help to bring down Astrea's Totem - I am killed regularly by people who will suffer from this quest and help virtually never by people now hindered. Not only that but I hear of a way to temporarily circumnavigate the need for wurtfoil and a way to gain it without your Guild needing to be involved. You have turned your

ack on me for no reason and condemned me to suffer the loss of skills, I do the same to you and yours. I will do ALL in my power to maintain Astreas Totem, nor will I help one of your guild, unless they be under attack in Mercinae - I now consider you and your Guild to be a passive enemy for so long as you ignore me plees for life.