Totem quests

Conteck, Guildmaster of the Animiststo Everyone

Many players, including a few deities, do not seem to understand why some of us chose to be Animists.

For most active members of the guild it stems from a total disinterest in the ways of combat. We make clear when you join that we try to be friends to all, and that attacking other players is just not the way we do things.

Our skills reflect this - we have very very few attack forms and in exchange we get some superb defences.

We belive in life and regard sorcerors as alive even though we cannot diagnose them. We regard the taking of life as wrong nomatter who does it.

We seek to play Avalon in a constructive rather than destructive way, and these totem quests seem to us to be destructive in that they eliminate skill use by other players without gaining anything for anyone.