This new questing is DEVASTATING to Animists

Lord Dankworthto Allanon

I shall try to explain why this quest is so devastating to Animists.

1) We have very few substantive guild skills as 3 of our 5 skills are taken up with Herbs, Poisons & Healing.

2) Many more people than you might think try to kill us and without our spirit defences we are NO match for anyone.

3) At the heart of being an Animist lies a compromise. We accept that we will advance ever so slowly in the land and be partly withdrawn from it in return for an unusually high degree of protection.

4) Without our defences we will die every session. With no protection now available after a ship ride we will drop almost to newborn.

5) For these reasons this Animist will do no more than participate in this forum from now until I can reasonably live in this land as I have long done. I have always accepted significant risk. I wont commit suicide.