Aylato Allanon

The skills of an animist are primarily defensive. They cannot even pick up weapons.

It is not true that the main enemy of an animist is a Sorcerer, I have seen some animists cleaved to death.

Being a neutral guild should imply that the animists have no enemies.

A sorcerer is not severely weakened, as they can easily rely on more demons to do the dirtywork for them, as this requires no darkness spirits. They can also continue to handburn, spit poisons, and use their necromancy skills which require no spirits . So sorcerers remain a threat to their prey. This does NOT stop sorcerers from killing.

An Animists skills basically consists of Herbs, and special defensive skills. To ask an animist to learn to live without their skills, is similar to requesting that they quit or change profession.

As lovers of life, why would they be open to the possibility of losing their own?

As prized as the wurtfoil seed is, it seems logical that an animist should be able to have full defences while carrying this in their pouches.

So you should not be surprised to find an animist taking down the ivory totem.