Astreas Totem

Allanonto Everyone

After having a conversation with an Animist seeking an agreement from me to not always ahve the good totem active here are the points made.

The Animist feels without spiritualism that he cannot defend himself and is limited to staying in the forest.

I pointed out the Animist main enemy is the Sorcerer who is severely weakened.

I pointed out this means the Sorcerer is more limited in the murdering of others, which the Animist (who supposedly loves life) states he is not sure whats better losing his defences or stopping sorcerers killing.

I feel Animist should learn to use all other other abailities open to people potions, items, herbs, abilities such as riding and learn how to survive normally without their special defensive skills.

The Animist feeld more evil players will take advantage to attack them in their perceived \"weakened\" state - probably due to Wurtfoil grudges.