Counter quest to Astrea's blessing

Aylato Mazrim, the Deranged Magekiller

Belvadere is correct, Mazrim, the counter quest to Astrea's blessing is the totem in the temple of the Diabolus which requires ebony in lieu of ivory. If you had read the bulletin board, message #10675 that Genesis had posted, you would have known, h ad you bothered to venture around your city. I don't know where you got the idea that the counter to Astrea's blessing was the Long Night, but I have found that many have thought the same thing, and that this should be set straight. Also, there are some beautiful quests for the evil guys, that will give a lot of experience, if you would only take a leisurely stroll about Thakria...

The animists are also greatly affected by the blessing of Astrea, as many of their defences require the spirits of darkness. So the sorcerers are not the only ones that are complaining... take heart.