Totems and Tomes

Well, I've just read the tome in the Room of Stars and I think it is a rather misleading text.

The text says how it is good for wisdom and bad for evil to do this quest which rather implies it is a good thing to do.

However, I think it should also warn that it takes out all our out-of- forrest defences and that it must therefore be regarded as an attack on our guild as well as the sorcerors.

In what way is it wise to drive the Animists into the forests - which can the be burnt down and we, who are supposed to be defence rather than offence based, are left totally exposed.

Still - I think the evil guilds must now cease their whinging about our being biased against them. We now have a common cause! (Though I personally am sorry to say it - speaking for myself rather than the guild - I am good (actually pure) and have no intention of being anything else.)

Conteck, Animist and Master of that Guild.