Your apology?

I don't believe your insinuations allow that post to be counted as an apology, non-the-less I would like to point something out.

More than likely the dis-favor is for attacking someone while they were on holy ground. I find it had to believe you killed anyone but newbie members of my order unless that person was fighting someone else as well. I do not consider myself as much of a fighter, but when you attacked me while i was in the midst of fighting another you failed to kill me even though your skills are MUCH better. Odd? or Incompetence?

Your attack also happened to be the FIRST time i was attacked by a seer type. I couldnt for the life figure out why the hell i couldnt hit \"you\" ect. After apperenty getting away from you & healing I retired to my Goddesses temple where apon you attacked me again! I will leave it at that and let Avalon determine thier OWN opinions on you.

Finally, I would like you to know your insinuations and obvious disrespect for my goddess is noticed. Although you long on in the runed room, god marked, and otherwise unaccessible to most mortals and kill the unexpecting and weak without warning to end in a qq before anyone can try to do anything about it..... dont expect people to appreciate your tactics as being a gifted fighter.

casimian, sick of the bragging and mediocre attempts at bootlicking