Elvironto High-Lord Helkarakse of the frozen wastes

It seems that even this BB is bugged. The last half dozen messages have all been sent by \"He\" to the person who appears to have posted the message. I guess this one might also suffer that fate. (Tho I won't know until I save it and read it...). The bugs seem to be multiplying uncontrollably in this fair land of ours. Either it has contracted some virus, or a similar disease, hopefully not fatal..... Either way, there are so many odd occurrances that I am spending at least half of my time reporting bugs, and running Mycenae (and I am sure Thebes as well) has become extremely difficult due to numerous bugs within the Baron commands. I hope this is just a temporary setback, please bear with us fellow citizens, while we do the best we can to keep the city stalls stocked and generally run our cities in a responsible manner. Elviron the Optimistic Animist.