Aslan of the Illuminatito Genesis, the god of time

Another OOC post im afraid in support of Hero's last. I too am extremely disatisfied with the TransAtlantic link as I have mentioned a number of Avalon's organisers before now... I have constatnly been reasured (over a period of about 6 months on and off) that something was being done. The last time I asked you what was being done you said that something was but that it was 'a secret'.

As far as im concerned you should take your responisiblities to British users a little more seriously. We are being kicked in the teeth for our loyalty to Avalon and receiving sub-standard service from it. Something must be done or i suspect that more thatn just Hero will be leaving here...

And if there is a solution in the pipeline, may i suggest it is no longer kept a secret.