Yes, it's an occ post. Yes, it's a repeat of what I've said before. However, I'm fed up with it. The situation with lag has not improved since i posted about a month ago. When nothing is happening, the link is reasonable. However, when a high rate of text/commands is going through there is great danger of serious problems. I have just died to the system jamming for around 50 seconds YET again. I am no longer able to fight those of my skills. As soon as anything remotely like a fight starts, i either lose all feeback from avalon, or in extreme cases even get kicked off entirely. It is not a matter of my commands being slowed down - in fact my commands are totally ignored for around 30-60 seconds, and then they go thru in a rush. With no responses, a competant player can easily cripple or kill me in that time span. I usually get a screenfull of stuff, at the bottom of which I am looking at my own corpse from the outside.

I dislike to whinge, but i have to relive the tension and frustration of dieing to someone who entered my loc and killed me before i even saw a message of the entering. This has happened to me in pretty much every single fight i have have had for the last three months, and to be honest, I don't see the point any more. I am retiring from my posts as baron, gm of the mages, and min of justice as without the ability to fight i cannot do the duties required. In addition, I will be retiring early from Avalon as a whole - I live to fight, and without it, there is little reason to stay. Yours, Archmage Hero the Umbrogen