Allanonto Mistress Helga, Dominatrix

Today I visited your shop as oftentimes I do, to my surprise the door to your stockroom had vanished (I did not say I normally buy anything - wink).

Assuming my senses were addled, I concocted a few arkane brews and ate a few herbs

Turning to my trusty pill box I remembered making some teleport pills to the storeroom - again by a wierd co-incidence they were gone also.

This leaves me puzzled as you obviously have to keep your stock somewhere.

Now the only conclusion to be drawn is that you are so incompetant at your trade you cannot protect your own stock.

Divine powers have removed the entry to your storeroom or could it be a bug.

In any event I find it pathetic that 2 of the shops off Thakria sq seem to require the reassurance thaof not being robbed only removal of the door to the stockroom can give. I hope you are proud of yourselves.