The Poison Parlour.....

Sir Haploto Everyone

Newly opened in Avalon! , East and South from Springdale Square.

I Haplo, offer all manner of poisons, at i might add, the CHEAPEST rates in all of Avalon. I undercut everyone!

Just look at these fantastic prices! , nann at 10, phoroz at 12, jegga at 13,resik at 21, quirrog at 21 ! like to be bossy ? do it with shirolos at only 21 a piece!

All these wonderfull poisons at discount rates! PLUS 7am to 8am its HAPPY hour!, thats right! buy more than 500 golds worth get a hundred gold back.

Many more super deals are coming your way!, come on down to Springdale. It's a grrrreaattt place to be!

Sir Haplo.

(special rates for animists ;)