Moradin, Ranger of the Golden Sunto Everyone

I'm all of a sudden leery about this new justice system. As I entered our fair land, I had less than a second to see that huge lightning bolt blast me into bloddy bits. Then the God of Pain intones \"No one complains about me, wyrm\". Now none of this surprises me, I just thought ALL of avalon would respect Castigere's and Genesis's new idea, silly me. I would not have posted on the complaint board at all, except for the fact that any course of action I seem to take with the patron in question seem to end up the same way. In my eyes I had nothing to lose. My patron and my unquenchable spirt provide me with the spirtual fortitude to weather any torture lavished upon me.

Followers of Pain beware,

My trusty sombrero and I are waiting patiently in the shadows.....

Moradin , Ranger of the Golden Sun