An 'otherworldly presence'

Sir Yousuf, Childe of Lightto Everyone

Earlier this day I was in discourse with a couple of friends of mine as we were culling some of the monks of Kenkria. I was seized by some sort of 'otherworldy' presence who took command of my voice. Forgive me if I do not impart this directly but I am in a slight state of shock. It said someting like 'I have watched this one grow and I believe here is one that is truly worthy - if any doubt me then stand up and say so now.' I asked the land in general if anyone did indeed doubt me. Although I myself heard no response, the 'presence' eventually decided that perhaps I was not worthy indeed - unfortunately I fear that I must agree with 'it'. I have many a fault, that I am not proud of - but neither am I too vain to admit. The presence then left me alone. I hope that who or what ever this presence was it will find someone who is truly worthy sometime soon so that we may all find out what it wants from us.

Sir Yousuf e n whoops!