Sir Yousuf, Childe of Lightto Everyone

The Pool of Life is drying up and an eerie glow is coming from the Northern Mountains. I travelled to Azrili to investigate and found that there were 2 pyres at the summit of the High Temple in Azrili. All though I attempted to douse these fires I found it to be impossible, also one of them leads to the Altar of Radamanthys, God of Fire, which was situated just past the end of the labyrinth. I believe that the second pyre leads somewhere also, but the distance was too far for me to be carried anywhere.

I believe that this 'upcoming doom' is vital to us all and as such I ask that we co-ordinate our efforts to finding out all that we can. So I would ask that for now we all post anything that we discover here. I would further suggest that there should be a person to help co-ordinate our efforts. As I guess that many Thakrians would not trust me, and vice versa - I ask for an Animist that is held in high regard to volunteer themselves for the job, so that in future, if necessary we will be able to function as a more co-ordinated whole.

Sir Yousuf.