Impending doom... to all who follow the saga

Zane, Whisper of Silenceto Everyone

Along the lines of what has so far been experienced...

I was sitting, just this very night, in my Lord's temple, relaxing in the shadows of its inner chambers, when avoidance on bright light suddenly illuminated the heavens, almost turning the glorious Night into day. I looked up and squinted, in time to see a star come down from the very heavens, burning fiery bright, and disappear from my sight. Moments later, a terrible tremor shook the ground beneath my feet, and no, it was not a tremor like thos we have been having. Not unlike it, but different. I believe a star, perhaps the first to do so, has fallen from the heavens to strike the land. I have attempted to find out where it may have hit, but without success.

I would be most interested to hear from anyone who has also witnessed this event. As well, I think it may be time for everyone to start looking for the source of what is happening, before it is too late for all of us. The messages of the gods should not be taken lightly, and I believe that that is what they are.