Derillion, Star Weaverto Everyone

I rarely post items on the public bulletin board since it usually contains nothing more than heretic rantings. But this recent \"debate\" concerning the distribution of wurtfoil has me writhing. We have been listening to people complain how how this is unfair and that is unbalanced. The distribution of wurtfoil is a divine right given to the Animists. They have been given sole automomy for its use. I am not here to support or defame the Animists; they have set to rules following specified guidelines handed down from Olympus and we must live with their decisions. Life is not fair. No one said life would be easy either. Live with the hand you have been dealth and go on. Throughout the ages I have seen both sides, good and evil, get dealt a better hand in one situation or another. On this instance, Macros was the befenficiary of the kindness of Jordan (albeit with some restrictions placed on all those who attended the brew). But on another instance, Moradin or Haplo might benefit. Maybe next time YOU will happe

upon a brew. Feel appreciative that life has dealth you a better hand that day. Complaining that Macros only waited a few days for healing while YOU waited several weeks demeans no one but yourself. Carry on, grow and aspire greatness through your action not by petty quibbling. Derillion, Star Weaver