Allanonto Everyone

The reason for mine and Vilons attack was simple , you had flouted the rule of no killing in Mercinae.

As aides to justice it was our duty to punish you - kallad who aided you paid the price for not knowing the law - I think you know better.

When justice is being dispensed the sole point is to make the culprit pay the price nothing else matters.

Regarding you threat to my Guildmembers you may do as you wish - however as you have been told in the past mess with the little Artisans who have no wish to fight you and expect to see the tell tale distortion in the air which indicates a portal.

I expect you to be as public with any retractions as you were with your threats.

Before you try to deny any actions that warranted mercinae Justice (as Kallad did) bear this fact in mind - when you can hear the two culprits sniggering and congratulating each oter about their actions etc there is no doubt.