Moradin, Ranger of the Golden Sunto Everyone

The recent events surrounding wurtfoil brews , animist policy, Macros, and the animist?????? known as jordan hi-light how the wurtfoil distribution clearly breaks down. When Macros , A very potent Sorcerer Lord can slay young folk, strip them of all their items, over and over, die and regain his skills in one day? Only to to start the killing adn stripping again, is Jordan part of the animist guild? Well in any case, Macros has shown that your actions are not truly a basis for recieving wurtfoil, otherwise how would he get it? This being the case, any Ranger, members of the Orders of Andromeda, Orthwein, Maehedros, or Castigere, or Springdalian citizen who has suffered at the hands of darkness to such an extent that your skills are hindered, please messgae me and Ill heal you to the full extent of my Rangerly powers.