The Shop of Foul Brews

Zane, Whisper of Silenceto Everyone

Greetings fellow Avalonians,

I am proud to announce that the Shop of Foul Brews has now re-opened, under new management. I encourage you to visit, and peruse through the wide assortment of choice selected poisons you will find there, as well as the occasional misplaced item. You will find only the best of poisons, and those in highest demand. As a master in the art of poison lore, I have travelled the land far and wide to bring you only the best.

You may find them highly priced, but in return you will find them highly effective. I trust you will find what you are looking for. In time, I will adjust my stock to fit the demand. For now, please message if you would like to see something that I dont stock.

Of course, as always, special orders are available. Just message.

The Shop of Foul Brews is south and southeast of Center of Tharkia Square.

See you there.