Allanonto Psycho, Prince of Thakria

I have no need to justify myself to scum such as yourself however I will publicly explain the reasons for my action:

It seems particularly of late, the Sorcerers guild eldars and patron have decided ALL Artisans no matter what size are fair game for killing and removal of hard won possessions.

Therefore in my position of Guildmaster I am seeking to demonstrate to the younger sorcerers it is not in their interests to let themselves be swept along with the bloodcrazed frenzy that goes with their chosen profession.

Sauron in particular killed a young Artisan, which is absolutely fine.

However, when my guild is threatened I and the other Artisan members merely are seeking to demonstrate that our guild is not to be messed with.

Of course certain guildmembers such as myself are an open target, please feel free to come pay a visit great prince Of Thakria.