Holy Areas

Dearest Ms. Bitch:

I wish to congratulate you on your uncontested triumph in our magical dual. Your prowess with swords and spellfire is undisputed, and I hope one day to be able to stand up to your might.

How shameful of me to retreat and regroup in His Most Holy and Wise's sacred glade. Please forgive me, my Lord, if I have disgraced the honor of the Hunters. Jacinta, I was under the misconception that after defeat in such a dual as ours, seeking safe haven in the Glade 's Wooded Dell was not proper. How terribly wrong of me to believe that His location ought to be a sanctuary from your rituals and malice. I obviously misinterpretted certain discussions with certain followers of the Infernal Beast Lazarus, Master of Pain, that areas infernally scored by the Mark of His Pain should not be invaded by unbelievers, either physically or by magicks, just as the Wooded Glade is marked by the Hunter's Holy Arrows. All of Avalon should now know that such is not the case.

Respectfully, Kinswoman Fedora