Your abuse of power.

Hello my Dear,

I will deal with your accusations one by one. First off, I have never physically harmed you in any way, or given you cause to believe I would. I had no idea you would take offence at my complements about your powerful nature, perhaps you're not used to compliments? You outguilded me purely for personal reasons, a blatant disregard for the responsability invested in yourself by the guild. Now you have a little power, do you perhaps consider yourself divine?

Next, with regards to the Guild Key situation, I ask you if you have any proof that I have actually done this? Do you really think I would advertise such a thing in my suffix if I were to?

Perhaps if you were to take yourself and everything around you a little less seriously, you'd be approachable to others. Once it would have been a dishonour for good to be branded an enemy of Parrius, now being an enemy means a lot less than it used to as it is given purely for personal reasons. You are your own worst enemy. Arn.