Castigere, I apologize for implying you were out to get me. Your post to me was well-done and very even-handed. I still, however, do think that you were out of line to continually resurrect Braveheart after I was zapping him. I'm a bit mystified why you did actually. There's just sort of an unspoken rule that we don't do that to mortals if they have been zapped by another god. W

You know, just in general, I think we gods need to stick together more. I really don't know how the rest of you run your orders (never having followed any of the currently active gods as a mortal), but I generally make it clear to my followers that even though they are my followers, they are still just little monkeys for us to play with. Yes, I'm guilty too of sometimes placing them above another god and I suppose that occassionally we gotta trow them a few bones to make them feel special, but we really shouldn't. We are, after all, Gods and they are worms.