My Last Post

My Lord, My intention was not for that post to come across as kow it all, I was trying to pass on relevant information to someone who had enquired about the availiablity of steeds.

I was merely pointing out that whilst Caravans are not able to be used, then as an aide to state, and trade, we are unable to produce Steeds & Birds for sale through the stalls.

If this has changed recently, and Thakria and other cities now produce Birds and Animals as commodities or there is some other way for them to get them, (Short of invading a town) then i apologise for my misinformation.

It was not a deliberate act, nor and act of trying to show my own self worth. merely trying to make information availiable to the younger players who have not been in a position in Government so they may know the limitations of their present Barons

With respect.

Sir Cimares.