The other day

Arkaneto Everyone

Allanon has correctly pointed out that he did nothing to harm you during our little skirmish the other day, except web you - I admit that for me this was fortunate as it helped keep you still so I could administer a few choice substances to your rather unpleasant body. If you must attack in such a public place you can expect bystanders to get involved, though on this occasion they did so inadvertantly.

As for the difference in our experience, it is because I can get big by using my wits, intelligence and knowledge much quicker than you can by roaming the land indiscriminately attacking everybody you meet. Combat is not my priority like it is yours, so I guess that evens things up.

So, be aware of the following. Apart from the occasional arranged practice fight, I only attack vermin such as yourself who kill strangers for cheap gain - like you did to me a month or so ago. It's entirely personal and my vendetta will continue until we are even (I owe you 2 deaths, incl 1 shipride I believe). I dont ask others to help, though since nobody likes you, don't be surprised if they do.