Allanonto Everyone

I am sorry I did not get the chance to impart the reason for my flying visit with you.

Knowing foul sorcerers to be versed in such demonic arts as to sell their bodily form to escape a situation or I have even heard tell change form to the evil blood sucking bat, I took my clove of garlic in one hand and came to see you.

I admit I used my arts to persuade you to stick around long enough for me to tell you where it is not appreciated that you practice your foul arts in the realm of Avalon.

I did not know you were mid fight and in fact did nothing to cause you physical harm myself.

Alas, before I even got the chance to impart my message you envoked the gate way to another world, departing Avalon some few seconds later.

Next time you visit the realm I will again attempt to come see you, I forgive the accusatory slant to your message to me on this occasion.