Spending a little bit of time

Tarkus, Sex Beast of Springdaleto Zane

Zane! after once spending a lot of time reading all the BB postings of this fair land, once Genesis the God of Time had spent much of that valuable resource restoring them during the move, I can only AGREE with your words.

BB postings have become stale, and often just downright offensive with people refering to totaly 'out of character' terms. We know what terms like QQ'ed all mean, but finding a equaly more 'in-character' description that we all understand is just more fun. So the Prince of Thakria could have been plucked from the land by an means alien to you, etc etc.

Maybe the residents of Springdale are just spoilt with the wordy delights of Casimian, who afterall can spin a yarn like no other.

Please all try an make Avalon what it is, a fun place to be when IN CHARACTER.

Tarkus, Quaffer of Ales